ELTR has became since 1993, a service of the European Liver and Intestine Transplant Association (ELITA).

    The (ELITA), previously known as the European Liver Transplant Association (ELTA), is a section of the European Society of Organ Transplantation (ESOT). Its membership represents the expertise on liver and intestinal transplantation in Europe.

    ELTA was founded in 1993. On October 18, 2005, the name of the association ELTA changed to “European Liver and Intestine Transplant Association” (ELITA). ELITA provides a forum for those working in the field of liver and intestinal transplantation to exchange scientific information and views related primarily to providing the best service for patients in Europe requiring liver or intestinal transplantation. Also the relationship with national and European government agencies and with the organ exchange organisations is the business of the ELITA, making ELITA the official representative body of liver and intestinal transplantation in Europe

    Activities According to the constitution, ELITA calls for a General Assembly of the members at least every second year. ELITA meets every two years together with ESOT. This congress is organised according to ESOT bylaws. ELITA and its ESOT Council member ensure the appropriate representation of liver and intestinal transplant related topics in the scientific program. As of 2005, ELITA organises an Annual Winter Meeting with the aim to discuss ELTR studies and data management, as well as single topics. The Winter Meeting allows ample discussion between speakers and participants in a calm and pleasant atmosphere. Additional meetings are organised in collabortation with other societies with topics of common interest. Transplant International’ is the official journal of the ELITA.

    The Intestinal part of ELITA On October 18th, 2005, the name of the association ELTA was changed to ‘European Liver and Intestine Transplant Association’ (ELITA). The Intestinal part of surgery was added to ELTA because all bowel transplant surgeons are essentially liver transplant surgeons. Also this provided an unique opportunity to increase the profile of ELTA as well as provide the intestinal transplant community an infrastructure to develop bowel transplantation related issues and meetings within Europe.