ELTR Workshop


    It is our privilege and special pleasure to cordially invite you to the 9th ELITA Meeting entitled « From Static to Dynamic Liver Preservation: Entering a New Era » and to participate to the 11th ELTR Workshop, that will take place in Paris, on November 24 and 25, 2016. This event will be the occasion to merge the ELITA Meeting, (ELITA is a section of ESOT, European Society for OrganTransplantation), with the ELTR Workshop and the celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the ELTR Registry. The preliminary agenda is below.

    The aim of the ELITA Meeting - 25 November - is to bring together experts and specialists caring for liver transplant patients to discuss the state of the art and pending questions on liver preservation and perfusion. The registration to the ELITA Meeting is subject to registration fee. Registering to the ELITA Meeting will allow you free access also to the ELTR Workshop. The registrations to the ELITA Meeting needs to be done through the ESOT website at : http://bit.ly/30ELTR_ELITAMP2016To be able to register to the meeting, you will have to create an account on www.esot.org and to be logged in at the moment of registration.

    The purpose of the ELTR Workshop - 24 November - is to provide an update of the management and use of the ELTR data. The afternoon will be dedicated to present some achievements of ELTR on the occasion of the celebration of its 30 years. The participation to the ELTR Workshop (24 November only) is a free event for Coordinators, Data Managers, Organ Sharing organizations and colleagues that are giving their contribution to the ELTR Registry. To register for the participation to the Workshop only, Please return the attached form (one form by participant) to Mrs. Anne-Marie Lamerant, ELTR secretary, Fax number: +33 1 45 59 38 57 or to karam@eltr.org by 12 September 2016.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you in Paris and would greatly appreciate your participation to this ELITA-ELTR special event. Also thank you to share this information with your colleagues who would be interested to participate.

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    Program of the 2 days event
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