Auditing visits

    At present, 113 Centers have been audited since 1988 (Birmingham, Brussels UCL, Villejuif, Barcelona, Lyon Herriot, Hambourg, Wien, Geneva, Lille, Ghent, Dublin, Budapest, Tenerife, Bergamo, Munchen, Porto, Bordeaux, Berlin, London KC, Roma, Helsinki, Rennes, Madrid Ramon y Cajal, Genova, Valencia, Sevilla, Padova, Paris-necker, Copenhagen, Warsaw, Goteborg, Innsbruck, Brussels LRLT, Essen, Lyon Herriot LRLT, Barcelona LRLT, Hannover, Izmir, Villejuif LRLT, Ghent LRLT, Berlin LRLT, Gottingen, Paris-Beaujon, Geneva LRLT, Bucharest, Palermo, Madrid 12 Octobre, Coimbra, Modena, Torino, Nice, Milano, Zurich, London KC LRLT, Paris Mondor, Mainz, Bonn, Huddinge, Roma LRLT, Wien, Istanbul, Prague, Rotterdam, Madrid Infantil, Liège, Jena, Strasbourg, Pamplona, Leuven, Leiden, Tubingen, Cagliari, Leipzig, Munster, Munich, Bologna, Ljubljana, Marseille, Oslo, Pisa, Birmingham, Warsaw, London Royal Free, Brno, Frankfurt, Bern, Izmir, Edinburgh, Groningen, Minsk, Milan, Cologne, Besançon, Caen, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù di Roma, Tartu, Heidelberg, Santander and Newcastle).

    15 additional centers will be audited from 2014 to 2016.

    ELTR audit visits were suspended in 2016 due to a financial resource issue. However, other measures have been put in place to strengthen data quality assurance:
    - Implementation of an EDC (Electronic Data Capture) system with dynamic data control at data entry and a real-time generation of a list of queries.
    - Agreement with major Organ Sharing Organizations (OSOs) for the transmission of official data to ELTR. The OSOs have very strict data quality control protocols, some of which integrate audit visits.